Wenhao Shen

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Wenhao Shen

Country: China

Wenhao has over eighteen years of experience assisting multinational companies in making investments and acquisitions in China and assisting Chinese companies in making investments and acquisitions overseas.

Wenhao has an in-depth understanding of China’s rules and policies governing foreign direct investment in China. He has represented many multinational companies in negotiating investment agreements with local Chinese governments and has been fully aware of the various pitfalls, obstacles and enforcement issues arising from the performance of those agreements.

Wenhao is also very familiar with China’s rules and policies guiding outbound investments and acquisitions, in particular the policy changes in recent years and their underlying reasons.  He has extensive hands-on experience dealing with various government agencies responsible for approval or registration of outbound investment, such as development and reform authorities, foreign exchange authorities, and merger control authorities.

Wenhao’s client base includes many Fortune 500 multinationals, large State-owned companies, public companies and top private equity firms in China.

Prior to joining JunZeJun, Wenhao worked with Jones Day for many years.