Marcin Kałduński

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Marcin Kałduński

Country: Poland

The General Counsel to the Republic of Poland



Marcin Kałduński is Professor of International Law at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (Toruń, Poland) and Counsel at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland (Vice-Director of the International and European Law Unit). He specializes in international and investor-state disputes. The focus of his research is in international law, international economic law, and international dispute settlement. He teaches mostly International Law and International Arbitration.

Marcin Kałduński has represented the Republic as lead and/or co-lead counsel in a number of investment arbitrations brought against the Republic of Poland by foreign investors under both bilateral investment treaties and the Energy Charter Treaty. He represents the Republic of Poland under all applicable arbitration rules, such as the UNCITRAL, SCC, ICC, ICSID Additional Facility. He has experience in civil and commercial litigation before state courts.

He is a regular speaker at numerous conferences, seminars and courses in Europe. He is the author of The Principle of Good Faith in International Law (C.H. Beck, 2018), The Protection of Legitimate Expectations in International Investment Law (second edition 2021) and of more than 40 articles, most of them relating to international law and arbitration.