Joanna Kisielińska-Garncarek

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Joanna Kisielińska-Garncarek

Country: Poland




E-mail: [email protected]


Joanna is a partner responsible for conducting domestic and international arbitration proceedings (including before the ICC Court of Arbitration, Swiss Arbitration Centre, International Arbitration Association, Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, and the Court of Arbitration at the Lewiatan Confederation, among other forums). She also appears before the general courts, including in particular post-arbitration proceedings. She has acted as administrative secretary to Polish and foreign arbitral tribunals.

She is a member of the Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at the National Council of Attorneys and the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Human Rights at the District Chamber of Attorneys in Warsaw. She is an author of publications on arbitration, contract law and comparative law.
As part of her pro bono work,  she has a longstanding cooperation with the PO DRUGIE Foundation dedicated to supporting at-risk youth. She is also a lecturer at the District Chamber of Attorneys in Warsaw.